5 Amazing Lebanese brands You should know about

Lebanon is by far one of the most fascinating countries in the world. At the crossroad between East and West, Lebanon is known for having exquisite local talents and impeccable brands that have been created locally but reached an international audience and new markets worldwide, especially through cross-border e-commerce. We selected 5 Lebanese brands we believe you should know about. All of them are part of our family and they have their products listed on Choose Lebanon marketplace.


Everythink is a family business that is the outcome of 30 years of experience in the world of smart and creative party games, stationery, and fun items. The collaboration between the talents of their in-house team in Beirut and their network of Lebanese artisans and small businesses brings to life a sizzling selection of unique products made with love by locally sourced and sustainable materials. Everythink is a place you go to explore, a place where it's fun to shop. They try to inspire their community to try new things, be creative, and enjoy themselves with the people they love.


2-Saboon & Co

A soothing and invigorating wash !! This liquid soap is rich in natural ingredients and scented with virgin olive oil, laurel oil, and lavender, to delicately cleanse and revive your skin ! Take the world into your hands with Saboon&Co silky, moisturizing soap. Each scent comes with a blend of essential oils and natural ingredients to provide immediate, long-lasting softness. Not all bar soap is created equal! Their bar soap packaging is environmentally friendly, as paper and cardboard are both recyclable and break down more easily in landfills.

3-Urban Feet

We love their slogan: " So that every step of your Urban Walk is colorful and lively." Their socks are knitted in Lebanon, with the finest high-quality cotton to provide comfort and durability. Famous for their creative designs and for producing a real unique and stylish experience when it comes to socks. Their most popular designs are Hope, Retro Phones, Lebanese Cedar, Beirut, Awesome Mama, and the list goes on and on. Sizes are available for all the family members.

4- Amouna Store

A hidden gem where you can indulge in high-end accessories like earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces. You will be amazed by the big collection they have and the different designs and colors. You can't enter this beautiful store without falling in love with one or two pieces. Each piece has its own story inspired by the beauty and richness of Lebanon

5-Vintage Sketchbooks

Discover the real and authentic history of Lebanon through these vintage sketchbooks designed in a very creative and particular way. Two sizes can be purchased A5 and A6. This brand takes us back to the golden days of Beirut with a variety of impressive collections: Lebanese hotels, Lebanese old advertisments, Lebanese artists, Lebanon's favorite cartoon characters, and Lebanon's favorite movies. Picking your favorite vintage sketchbook is going to be a difficult task but definetly worth it.


These are the 5 Lebanese brands you should know about !! Stay tuned to discover more brands soon you can be proud of and promote. Lebanon has lots of talented and brave people and we will all rise again.

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