Choose Lebanon Marketplace: How it all started !

Two years ago, on this same night, I was in deep pain and sorrow after seeing my beloved hometown Beirut in shatters following the enormous explosion that shook Lebanon and the world on August 4th, 2020.

On that long, thoughtful, and disturbing night, I realized that the Lebanese people are not only hostages in their country but also victims inside their own homes. I felt a strong urge to act and be next to my broken country. I had to think of a way to reconnect with Lebanon which I had to leave 12 years ago to go study in France. The country was and still is crumbling in front of my eyes.

This is when I decided to take the initiative and create Choose Lebanon, the first-of-its-kind cross-border digital marketplace connecting the Lebanese diaspora with the Lebanese residents. It was the only way to tell our fellow Lebanese residents that we are here for you and that we know you're in pain. By shopping online through Choose Lebanon, the Lebanese diaspora can directly help Lebanese residents and talents survive during one of the country's worst economic and political crises. Not only that, but most importantly it is a strong message to insist that Lebanese producers need to stay in their sacred villages and lands and they need to produce and export worldwide.

After the launch, we discovered that this initiative was in fact a pressing and urgent need for many local businesses, but also a strong desire for the Lebanese diaspora to connect easily with their country's products, heritage, and people. Everyone wanted to connect, but they didn't know how or where. Choose Lebanon was a great solution for All. In only two years, we were able to successfully deliver hundreds of orders from Lebanon to more than 35 countries around the world through an efficient, global, and fully integrated system that we developed from scratch.

Like any self-developed initiative, we had our ups and downs, however, we kept it going. We stayed honest, ethical, and supportive of our community. This community of millions of Lebanese residing in Lebanon and around the world is our main motivation and reason to keep going. We want to believe in a better future for our beloved country and our kids. No matter what, we will always Choose Lebanon.

Allah Yer7am El Shouhada, w Yeshfe El Marda, w Ye7me Baladna Lebnen.

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