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All hail Beeropoly! It’s a monopoly, only more fun because you get to drink beer (or anything else).

Beeropoly is the perfect board game to play with friends on a weekend or at a party. And, if you’re anything like Chuck Norris, you can also play it during the week. Did anyone get this reference? Yes? No? Maybe?

Anyways! Beeropoly, the drinking version of monopoly is a moment of fun,
brewing across the board.

Game objective:
Beeropoly invites you to quaff your way through a series of beer challenges from “ Shrab iza tjawazt hal sene” (drink if you got married the year) to “shrab iza btzamir awal ma tsir l2ishara 5adra” (drink if you honk as soon as the light turns green).

How to play Beeropoly:
Take turns rolling the included dice and move your bottle cap pieces around the game board.
Complete the beer challenges along the way, but beware of elimination! The last man or woman standing must drink the Community Cup. Cheers!

Set includes:
- Board
- Tongue Twister Cards
- Dares Cards
- Stickers Sheet
- Dice
- Rules
- Board game size: 19.1cm x 25cm x 4cm

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