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j.Grove Extra Virgin Olive Oil

j.Grove Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Cold-extracted within hours of the harvest, j.Grove’s unfiltered early-harvest extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is produced from select olive varieties in Southern Lebanon. It comes in different varieties, each marked with a specific olive grove location and its own unique aroma, flavor, bitterness, and finish.

The 2021 harvest includes the following EVOO varieties:

– Qattine

– Qlaya’a

– Jal Nachi

– Roum

– Baissour

Shipping Info

Transit times from Lebanon to:

UAE: 1- 2 working days

GCC: 3-4 working days

Africa: 5-6 working days

Europe: 2-3 working days

Far East: 5-6 working days

Australia: 5-7 working days

USA / Canada:5-7 working days

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