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Nafas 3ami2 w yalla aal cheghel

Nafas 3ami2 w yalla aal cheghel

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The holidays are over but getting back to work has never been more exciting thanks to our new hardcover spiral monthly planner.

Breathe in deep, exhale, and go get them!
You can do this, we believe in you, just like we believe in our talented in-house designers who just got back to work too.

Write down all your plans in your designer monthly planner made with love, to make your day at the office more colorful.
We even added a “note to self” and “small wins” boxes to remind you of how great you are.

Hardcover with double wire - Laminated
Palatina Papers (85 sheets - 170 pages)
Size: 15.85 x 21cm x 1.1cm

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Transit times from Lebanon to:

UAE: 1- 2 working days

GCC: 3-4 working days

Africa: 5-6 working days

Europe: 2-3 working days

Far East: 5-6 working days

Australia: 5-7 working days

USA / Canada:5-7 working days

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