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Unrealistic Ahlam Wa Amal

Unrealistic Ahlam Wa Amal

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The hardcover black and white notebook might read "Unrealistic hopes and dreams" but we believe that Everythink is possible.
So dream big friends, dream big.

This is the best notebook to write all your dreams and hopes.
Putting them down on single line pages will make them more tangible, and one day, they will come true.
Just keep on trusting and the universe will provide.

And if for some reason you are not ready to talk about your dreams, keep your designer notebook on a shelf as a nice decorative stationery item, that you will use, when the time is right.

Hardcover with double wire - Laminated.
Palatina paper - 80 sheets - 100g.
One lined pages on the inside - recto-verso.
Size 15.85cm x 21cm x 1.1cm

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