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Amouna Store

Black Stone handmade necklace

Black Stone handmade necklace

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Handmade Necklace

Length: 45cm + 5cm extension.

Metal color: Silver
Metal type: Stainless Steel

The story of Amouna Store

There was once a girl called Amina who grew up to be known as Teta Amouna to her grandkids. She was a true once-in-a-lifetime grandmother. She was something special. Wherever she went, she would think of her grandkids and buy them gifts. She would invite them for sleepovers and outings. She was a great storyteller. There was one grandkid that got so close to Teta Amouna, they became the best of friends. This girl would have many sleepovers. She would go out with her a lot. Their favorite place was the Rawshe in Beirut. They’d spend hours talking and walking.

Teta Amouna loved accessories with all her being. Whenever she travels, she would buy accessories as gifts. This grandkid used to love accessories as much as Teta Amouna did that she still owns a large collection of Teta Amouna’s gifts.

In 2014, Teta Amouna passed away from cancer. Life seemed to go bland after that. A huge part of many peoples’ lives went missing. The little grandkid felt lost and empty but she would remember the dreams with Teta Amouna and try harder.

One day, this girl decided to start an online store for accessories and with the help of her family (especially her dad), she was able to buy lots of accessories. Coincidentally, the supplier they went to had lots of those accessories that reminded everyone of Teta Amouna. There are several pieces that shout TETA AMOUNA from far away. If you know her, you know what I’m talking about.

And this is the reason why Amouna Store exists. It is like a piece of her is in here - in this store.

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