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Daily Records of Ahleme

Daily Records of Ahleme

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Keep your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground. We day dream. A lot.
And sometimes, when day dreaming, we get great ideas that come to our minds, ideas that can change the world of notebooks and agendas!

We encourage you to do the same, to dream and dream big.

But because you also have to work, study, and stay responsible, we created this undated monthly planner where you can write down your to do lists, your daily and monthly activities and of course, your dreams and thoughts.

This small size agenda is easy to transport which makes it the best agenda to take around and write down every idea that goes through your mind.

Hardcover with double wire - Laminated
Palatina Papers (85 sheets - 170 pages)
Size: 15.85 x 21cm x 1.1cm

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