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Jackaroo 6 Players

Jackaroo 6 Players

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Bored? Never feel “board” with the Jackaroo teasing game.
This 3 to 6 players board game is perfect for anyone from age 12 to 100.

Jackaroo comes with tips and tricks on how to play the game with non-ending techniques, each play card can inspire you with a unique teasing technique.

The objective of Jackaroo board game goes much more in preventing your opponent’s marbles to reach their safe area by building teasing techniques with your team member and tease your opponent with lot of funny tricks.

Jackaroo game is made of a Laminated French Oak wooden board that contains 24 marbles, two decks of playing cards and game instructions.

You’ll find yourself pulling out the Jackaroo board game again and again and your family and friends will always want to come over!

Wooden Board Size: 45cm x 45cm x 1.8cm

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