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Meal Planner: Wajbit Lyom

Meal Planner: Wajbit Lyom

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Meal Planning is truly one of the best secrets to successful time and life management!

We all gotta eat, but in our busy day and age, fast food or delivery has become our meal planning time saver and a backup plan, much to the chagrin of our wellness.
I believe in a better way- a home-cooked, menu planned, and meal prepped way.

This meal planner provides you with all the tools you need to save yourself time and money eating for your best life.
With a little bit of planning and this indispensable tool, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to take back control of your time by learning to manage the necessary but often tedious area of your life! 

1. Keep a running list of groceries to ensure you purchase everything you need for your meals.
2. Plan out your meals for the week to take the guess work out of meal time and cut back on decision fatigue and poor dining choices.
3. Keep your recipes organized so you have a quick reference of ingredients and instructions to make meal prepping quick and easy!

IMPORTANT: Special requests للجماعة يلي بيتذمّروا

Set includes 80 sheets
Size 16.7x22cm

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